South Korea deploys missile system

32 South Korean protestors have been injured in clashes with police over the deployment of a controversial US missile defence system intended to counter attacks from North Korea.

According to South Korean media, 38 people, including six police officers, were injured in the village of Seongju as plans were made to install four further terminal high-altitude area defence (Thad) system batteries in the village.

The protests came as the US threatened to impose sanctions on any country that trades with North Korea ahead of a meeting of the UN security council to discuss measures against the regime.

Donald Trump, along with Moon and Shinzo Abe, are pushing for an oil embargo against the North, which China and Russia opposes.

The US treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin, warned that if the UN security council failed to agree on additional sanctions he had an executive order ready for Trump to sign that would impose sanctions on any country that trades with North Korea.

Moon Jae-in, the South Korean president, approved the full deployment of the Thaad system this week after North Korea detonated a powerful nuclear device, sparking calls for tougher UN sanctions.

Thousands of police officers were sent to the village to protect the system.

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