RAF continues to fight to Daesh in Iraq and Syria

The Royal Air Force has continued to support operations by the Iraqi security forces to eradicate any remaining Daesh fighter in Mosul.

Two Tornados used a Paveway IV guided bomb on Thursday 13 July to destroy a building occupied by extremists on the west bank of the Tigris, in the Old City of Mosul.

On Friday 14 July two Typhoons used a Paveway IV to destroy the entrance to a tunnel dug beneath an area in the west of the city.

The following day Tornados and Typhoons used eleven Paveway IV bombs against mortar positions in Raqqa, whilst a pair of Tornados used a Brimstone missile against a sniper holding out in western Mosul.

On Sunday 16 July a Reaper killed terrorists armed with rocket-propelled grenades in Raqqa, whilst Tornados and Typhoons dealt with three sniper teams and three other defended positions.

Michael Fallon, Defence Secretary, said: “Mosul may have been freed from the brutal grip of Daesh, but the battle against this dangerous death-cult is far from over. Over the weekend the RAF repeatedly struck Daesh targets in Raqqa, their Syrian stronghold, with precision and purpose. It is key that we maintain momentum in the campaign to remove Daesh from Syria and the remaining towns across Iraq, both to stop the spread of a poisonous ideology and to help keep us safe at home.”

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