Multinational Caribbean Coordination Cell created

The UK, Netherlands and France have created the Multinational Caribbean Coordination Cell.

Over 3,000 ISIS fighters killed by RAF strikes

RAF airstrikes over Syria and Iraq have killed more than 3,000 militants from the ISIS terrorist group.

UK and Saudi Araba announce new Military and Security agreement

The governments of the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have announced a new Military and Security Cooperation Agreement.

UK weapons companies have made £6 billion since Saudi Arabia started bombing Yemen

British arms companies have earned over £6 billion from their trade with Saudi Arabia.

Britain to soon have ‘third world’ military, former First Sea Lord warns

Britain will end up having a ‘third world military’ unless ministers spend more, George Zambellas warns.

Baldwin visits Ajax vehicles in Wales

Defence Minister visits Wales to view two Ares vehicles in the final stages of testing.

Peach named as NATO Chairman of Military Committee

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach has been elected as the new NATO Chairman of the Military Committee.

Statement of Intent strengthens UK-Qatar relationship

Michael Fallon has welcomed Qatar’s intention to proceed with the purchase of 24 Typhoon aircraft.

North Korea fires second ballistic missile

North Korea has fired a second ballistic missile across Japan.

Last Mile challenge winners announced

Part of the MOD's Innovation Initiative, the Last Mile challenge winners have been announced.

£55 million contract for bomb disposal robots

A contract worth up to £55 million for 56 bomb disposal robots has been announced at the DSEI Exhibition.

UK offers security partnership with EU post-Brexit

The UK government has offered to contribute military assets to EU operations as part of a security partnership with the EU after Brexit.

UK continues to provide relief to the Caribbean

The UK is continuing to provide military support to the Caribbean following Hurricane Irma.

RFA Mounts Bay delivers vital aid to Caribbean

RFA Mounts Bay has delivered six tonnes of emergency aid to Anguilla.

Britain’s second aircraft carrier to be named HMS Prince of Wales

The second of the Royal Navy’s two future flagships was officially named HMS Prince of Wales in Rosyth, Scotland.

BAE Systems to unveil ‘robot stretcher’

BAE Systems are to unveil a new remote-controlled vehicle designed to evacuate casualties from the battlefield.