£40 million investment to improve the defence of the Typhoon

An investment of £40 million in a high-tech Typhoon Defence System has been announced.

Defence Secretary announces new Maritime Patrol Aircraft squadrons

The numbers of the UK’s new Maritime Patrol Aircraft squadrons and the first commanding officer have been announced.

Ground close combat roles in RAF will open to women

The Defence Secretary has announced that ground close combat roles in the RAF will be open to women.

HMS Montrose sails again

HMS Montrose has returned to the sea since beginning her refit in 2014 in Devonport.

Defence equipment ‘increasingly vulnerable’

The UK’s most expensive military assets are ‘increasingly vulnerable’ to low-cost, technology-rich weapons from hostile states, a new report warns.

British army recruitment seeks young working-class people, report shows

The British Army is specifically targeting young, working-class people despite claiming to aim advertising at all socio-economic backgrounds.

Iraq declares ‘victory’ over Islamic State in Mosul

Iraq’s prime minister has declared victory over the so-called Islamic State in Mosul.

UK trains over 5000 Ukrainian Armed Forces

Michael Fallon has revealed that the UK has directly trained over 5,000 members of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

£3.7bn contract to build Royal Navy’s Type 26 Frigates

The MOD has signed a contract worth around £3.7 billion to start building the Royal Navy’s Type 26 Frigates.

MOD Police Twitter account launched

The Ministry of Defence Police Twitter account has been launched, with the handle @MODPolice.

Fallon meets Potential Army Officers

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon met with students on the Army's Potential Officer Development Programme.

Frigates secure seas for HMS Queen Elizabeth

Two Royal Navy frigates have joined HMS Queen Elizabeth to secure the seas around her.

UK increases commitments to NATO

Michael Fallon has announced a package of new contributions to NATO.

£48 million Apache training contract announced

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced a six-year Apache helicopter training contract.

Defence secretary supports US strike over ‘Syria attack plan’

Sir Michael Fallon says the UK would support US strikes on Syria.

HMS Queen Elizabeth potentially vulnerable to cyber-attack

HMS Queen Elizabeth could be vulnerable to a cyber-attack as it seems to be using the same system that left the NHS exposed.