Military Standard Transport Case Solutions: Suprobox Transport Cases

With 20 years experience in Technical Packaging Solutions, SUPROBOX is expanding its worldwide customer base via its growing distributor network.

SUPROBOX made its international debut 2 years ago during the DSEI 15 exhibition. The brand is now fast becoming a veteran of International Defence Exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East.
S8 - 181

Easily distinguished by their unique cubic stacking design, Suprobox cases enable both same-sized and different-sized cases to be placed and locked on each other in straight or diagonal arrangements, while also preventing any displacement once the cases are in place.

Suprobox transport cases are produced from polymer materials and are robust, making them suitable for use under the toughest conditions. With their waterproof silicone seals, stainless steel locks and handles, the cases are not only resistant against moisture, salt, sand and dust, but also demonstrate excellent performance wherever they are used in the world, from the high altitudes to the harshest climatic conditions. Manufactured in compliance with the environmental tests defined in MIL-STD-810G, Suprobox transport cases present a long-lasting solution for all customers who need a durable, waterproof and dustproof case.

Suprobox cases feature stainless steel and heavy-duty catches as standard. The standard hardware is both larger and more robust than other products available on the market. Nevertheless, accessories can always be specified according to customer’s unique requirements.

Suprobox cases carry a special silicone seal which makes them waterproof and resilient to humidity, salt, sand and dust. Cases are corrosion and mould resistant, offering protection against contamination from solvents and chemical agents.

The ergonomically-designed handles mounted on the case can be easily gripped, even without gloves. As a measure against possible impact, the transport handles are positioned and designed flush with the case surface. There are also models that can be transported by pallet trucks and forklifts. In addition to all these features, Suprobox cases also offer, as an option, additional features such as a pressure valve, humidity indicator, and edge castors, for easy transport.

Depending on the type of material being transported or safeguarded, different types of foams with different technical features can be used to construct internal support in Suprobox cases; models with shock absorbers and metal frames can also be designed.

Suprobox cases are manufactured in facilities equipped with all the necessary software and hardware, including CAD/CAM-controlled cutting machinery and water jets that can easily create complex inner foam designs.

Cases are manufactured in two main colours black and olive drab; while gray, blue, orange, red and desert tan are also offered as optional. Project based specific colour options are also available.

Suprobox cases offer users a complete and well-rounded solution, thanks to the company’s expert designers and engineers, as well as its competent production team.

With over 60 different sizes to choose from Suprobox is investing in the design and tooling of approximately 20 new models each year; presenting a fresh and modern alternative for potential customers.