Vislink 'From Scene to Screen'


Vislink is a leading global technology business specialising in the collection, delivery and management of high definition real-time video for defence, law enforcement, and public safety markets.

Whether operating on land, at sea, or in the air, our interoperable video communication systems provide surveillance operators and senior officers with increased situational awareness, even in the most challenging conditions.

Secure Communication Technologies

Development of Vislink’s systems draws upon our experience successfully delivering major projects across a range of markets including motorsports, broadcast, law enforcement, maritime surveillance and special operations. The result is a unique ability to deliver solutions that combine the highest available video image quality with efficiency, robustness of transmission, security of data and ruggedness to withstand the rigors of operation in the field. Vislink’s technologies include:

  • COFDM microwave transmission
  • Satcom
  • Video encoding
  • Antennas


Vislink’s secure airborne downlink systems deliver real-time video intelligence in high definition from fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft to:

  • Fixed ground receive sites / command & control
  • Mobile command centers
  • Ground vehicles
  • Maritime patrols
  • Lightweight man-portable viewing terminals


Offshore patrol vessels, boarding parties and other maritime assets operate with enhanced situational awareness by sharing real-time video intelligence. Maritime surveillance communications can also be relayed via Vislink’s airborne systems for extended range.

Mobile Command

The mobile command center or vehicle operates with enhanced capability by leveraging real time information from a range of assets deployed in the field. Combining microwave and satellite technology ensures optimum throughput for LOS applications, with the ‘communications anywhere’ benefits of BLOS systems.

Unmanned Systems

UAS, USV & UGV assets equipped with Vislink’s miniaturised transmitter systems are able to deliver high quality surveillance video that is interoperable with the receive & viewing equipment also used for full size airborne, maritime and mobile command systems. This interoperability ensures efficient use of assets plus simple and familiar operation for the user.

Personal Role Equipment

Dismounted soldiers can share point-of-view intelligence from body worn camera systems directly to reconnaissance vehicles, forward command posts, and ultimately, to wherever the images need to be viewed. Vislink’s range of man-portable satellite terminals may be rapidly deployed, enabling secure and reliable communications in the field.

For more information please contact us:
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01442 431300

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