Security and Counter Terror Expo 2016

Evolving international resilience

Aligned with UKTI and Home Office Export Strategy, particular interest for 2016 lies within demonstrating awareness within seven key capabilities as outlined by the Home Office. These include: Border Control; Critical National Infrastructure Protection; Cyber Security; Major Events; Offender Management; Policing & Counter-Terrorism; and Services. By focussing on these capabilities, exhibitors at the show will be able to make unprecedented in-roads into new international markets as well as meeting key domestic buyers.

The combination of a high-level conference and extensive exhibition provides a vital opportunity for public and private sectors to meet to discuss how to protect against terrorism and ensure effective threat mitigation solutions are put in place. The exclusive event will bring together over 10,000 leading manufacturers, buyers and industry VIPs from across the spectrum of government, military, law enforcement, emergency services, critical national infrastructure, private sector and the security services.

Located on the show floor are several feature zones each dedicated to a specific area of security. Organisers of Security & Counter Terror Expo have been exploring the most pressing issues and trends within the current state of national and international security. They include: Critical National Infrastructure Conference (free-to-attend), Transport Security Live, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Advanced Technologies Live.

Critical National Infrastructure
New for 2016 is the Critical National Infrastructure Conference. The definition of critical national infrastructure sectors may vary from country to country but, as an example, the UK defines nine of these which provide essential services: communications; emergency services; energy (including pipelines and offshore); finance; food; government; health; transport (including roads, airports, ports and railways); and water. This capability enables public and private entities to identify, assess, prioritise, and protect critical infrastructure and key resources so that they can detect, prevent, deter, devalue, and mitigate deliberate efforts to destroy, incapacitate or exploit a nation’s CNI.
This free-to-attend conference will attract hundreds of public and private sector security professionals tasked with protecting the multi-billion pound national infrastructure. The conference offers insight into infrastructure protection with talks from internationally recognised experts and the chance to explore in-depth protection of critical physical and informational assess and networks.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Zone
With cyber terrorism on the rise, there is an increasing need to develop sophisticated defences. Hosted by techUK, the Cyber Threat Intelligence conference is expected to be a popular area of the show and will analyse global cyber security threats and best practice in mitigating them.
The cyber terror threat has become more sophisticated and more deadly. The advent of social and mobile networks, SCADA and the internet of things has raised the stakes even further.

The Cyber Threat Intelligence conference at Security & Counter Terror Expo will analyse global cyber security threats and best practice in mitigating them. Cyber Threat Intelligence is one of the UK’s fastest growing cyber security events, run for the first time in 2015 it attracted over a thousand delegates from the public and private sector. The free-to-attend conference provides a platform for those tasked with preventing and responding to cyber crime and terrorism.

Over two days, the Cyber Threat Intelligence conference will see leading experts, global brands and government speakers address the most pressing issues facing the UK’s cyber infrastructure. Speakers at Cyber Threat Intelligence in 2015 included: David Raw, deputy director, Office of Cyber Security & Information Assurance (OCSIA), Cabinet Office; Terry Pattar, senior consultant, IHS Aerospace and Defence; Andy Archibald, deputy director, National Cyber Crime Unit, National Crime Agency; Tim Holman, director, Information Systems Security Association UK (ISSA); and Chris Gibson, director, CERT-UK and Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP).

Transport Security Live
The global terror threat is high and transport networks are a favoured target for attack. The free-to-attend Transport Security Live Conference will showcase international case studies and the latest developments in protecting transport networks, transport hubs and passengers. Transport Security Live brings together the key stakeholders from government, police, aviation, maritime, public transport, rail and secure transport to discover best practice, the latest solutions and developments in transport security.

2015 speakers included: Martin Jones, Head of Aviation Security, Department for Transport; Andrew Jones, security consultant, Kinetic Security Solutions and formerly British Transport Police; Peter Drissell, director of Aviation Security, UK Civil Aviation Authority; and Zeina Nazer, director, Transpo Group, Beirut- Lebanon.

World Counter Terror Congress
The centre-piece paid-for conference will be the World Counter Terror Congress. Over 400 internationally recognised professionals are expected to gather at this paid-for area of the Conference to debate the threats we face, define operational strategies and to help shape future policy. The Congress offers an excellent opportunity to government, the emergency services, academics, technology providers and vendors to unveil new developments in counter terror.

The World Counter Terror Congress will focus on the four key: Pursue – to stop terrorist attacks; Prevent – to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism; Protect – to strengthen our protection against a terrorist attack; and Prepare – to mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack. Last years speakers included: Mark Rowley, Head of Specialist Operations and Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police; Dr Jamie Shea, deputy ASG, Emerging Security Challenges Division, NATO; Jim Busby, director, 346 Consultancy and formerly National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Protect & Prepare; George Trebess, National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters; and Raffaello Pantuci, director of International Security Studies, RUSI.

Policing and counter terrorism
Police and Law Enforcement agencies across the world are at the forefront of protecting against terrorism. Counter terrorism operations in the UK are run jointly by the intelligence services and the Police National Counter Terrorism Units governed by the ACPO Terrorism and Allied Matters Committee.

The UK’s counter terrorism strategy (CONTEST) provides a framework for CT efforts under four workstreams, Prevent, Protect, Prepare and Pursue. UK government assets such as the Home Office’s Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) work in partnership with the security industry and UK law enforcement to develop cutting edge technologies to combat crime, protect police officers and enhance national security.

Areas vital in delivering this capability include: overt and covert surveillance equipment; command and control centres; intelligence and criminal analytical software; secure communications (radio/IT/resilient and mobile satellite); wireless transmission of data; forensics; serious crime investigation; major event security; national disaster and emergency management; ballistic protection equipment; specialist vehicle design and equipment; and traffic management.

Ensuring that law enforcement and special operations teams are as prepared as possible is a vital aspect in combatting terrorism. The Policing and Special Operations Zone will showcase the latest products, strategies and thinking for law enforcement and special operations teams across the world. It will provide an ideal opportunity for special operations units to review and benchmark their operations against industry standards and explore development areas.

The Zone will see significant involvement from UK police forces – with many taking the opportunity to make educated procurement and investment decisions. The Zone will also attract the world’s police forces as they look to align their tactics with the UK’s and also source new thinking and services.

Advanced Technologies Live
At Advanced Technologies Live, public and private sector buyers, influencers and government delegations will be able to see and hear more about the latest technologies and innovative solutions that the industry has to offer through a series of live demonstrations. Advanced Technologies Live offers the perfect opportunity for SME’s to present their solutions and raise their profile on a broad international platform.

At Advanced Technologies Live they will be able to see and hear more about the latest technologies and innovative solutions that the industry has to offer through a series of live demonstrations. Advanced Technologies Live offers the perfect opportunity for SME’s to present their solutions and raise their profile on a broad and on an international platform.

Set to be larger than before, the exhibition of over 300 companies will provide a comprehensive showcase of technology, equipment and services designed to protect nations, borders, crowded places, companies, assets and individuals from the threat of terrorist attacks. There will be over 3,000 products on display, each relating to the seven key capabilities.

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