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It is the home of the security sector: Security Essen, the world’s premier fair and the meeting point of experts from all over the world. Around 1,100 exhibitors from over 40 nations will present their products and services to the international trade public at Messe Essen 5-8 October. It will be possible to see a large number of product premieres from the security segment and from fire fighting. All the market leaders will be exhibitors in Essen and will show innovative security technologies as well as the most modern security concepts. With its comprehensive range on offer, Security 2010 will once again become the impetus provider for the entire sector. The organisers are expecting over 40,000 visitors from all parts of the world in order to obtain information about new solutions and pioneering developments.

The USA is the partner country of Security 2010. The US pavilion in Hall 5 where US firms will present themselves will be the centrepiece of the appearance. Furthermore, US companies will introduce their products and solutions in other fair halls.

No matter whether security in the public, commercial-industrial or private sphere – the demand continues to be undiminished on a high level. Security will offer people responsible for security from authorities, ministries and companies an informative overview of the latest solutions. Manufacturers of control and surveillance facilities will show how company premises and buildings can be checked with their video installations and movement detectors. If the worst comes to the worst, hold-up, intruder and theft alarm facilities permit a quick reaction. At Security, it will be possible to see measuring devices and forensic equipment that help to clear up incidents rapidly.

Another important field is the individual admission management segment. An extensive available range of identification systems, door opening systems and mechanical security devices such as locks and barriers will be introduced to the trade visitors. The trend towards system solutions can be observed in the security segment. Many companies have built up wide ranges here and offer their customers hardware and software from one source. For example, it will also be possible to see completely equipped control rooms at Security.

More space for fire protection
The responsibilities for security and fire protection are growing together in many companies. Security is taking account of this. At the last trade fair in 2008, companies and institutions dealing with all aspects of fire protection presented themselves in a compact form in one hall for the first time. The new concept met with great approval. Therefore, the exhibition section will be enlarged this year.

On the occasion of Security 2010, suppliers of preventive fire protection, early fire detection and fire fighting will, with Hall 1, have more than twice as much area at their disposal. Under the heading ‘Fire Prevention’, the fire protection experts will congregate there. The concept of the fire protection hall will be implemented together with the partner of Security, Bundesverband Technischer Brandschutz (bvfa – Federal Association for Technical Fire Protection).

Innivation symposium
Leading European experts from the political, industrial, economic and scientific fields will comprehensively devote themselves to the challenges of civil security during the Essen Security Innovation Symposium. The speakers will include Stefaan De Clerck, Belgian Minister of Justice; Dr. Luigi Rebuffi, CEO of the European Organisation for Security (EOS) industrial platform; and Prof. Wolf-Rüdiger Dombrowsky from Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin. The Essen Security Innovation Symposium will make an important contribution to a better understanding of the steps necessary for the implementation of research results and their innovations. This will be highlighted by the fact that the Security Research Department of the Research Execution Agency (REA) of the European Commission will participate in the event.

“The event will centre on the search for European and international solutions to all-encompassing problems that exist in a concrete form and are placing new responsibility not only on the state but also on industry and the economy,” explains Prof. Dr. Alexander Siedschlag, director of CEUSS, Center for European Security Studies at the Sigmund Freud Private University of Vienna and organiser of the conference.

“Assuming responsibility begins with that knowledge at the international level which this symposium would like to accumulate and pass on.”

The event will offer a diverse platform for experts to bring up the relevant security aspects within the framework of international presentations. Siedschlag continues: “Security as public property will have to approach the question in what way the public and private sectors will best pursue their interdependent objectives in the future in order to be able to jointly protect the society and the infrastructure.”

23 speakers from politics, the economy and science from 12 different countries are scheduled to participate. On 5th October, Stefaan De Clerck, Belgian Minister of Justice, will deliver a speech about the programme of the Belgian presidency of the EU Council in the field of Home Affairs. Minister De Clerck is a graduate jurist and, as a mayor, has gathered experience in the municipal implementation of security concepts. His opening contribution will therefore stand for the concept of the symposium, i.e. combining practical questions with comprehensible, scientific findings close to the applications.

Following this is Dr. Luigi Rebuffi, CEO of the European Organisation for Security (EOS) industrial platform, who will discuss the consequences of the Lisbon Treaty for the European security industry. Dr. Rebuffi has a doctorate in thermonuclear research and, after his scientific career, has worked in the management of European conglomerates in the security sector. As the CEO of EOS, he also advises the cabinets of several EU Commissioners.

The final speech on 6 October will come from the wellknown disaster researcher Prof. Wolf-Rüdiger Dombrowsky from Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin. Prof. Dombrowsky is a member of the Radiation Protection Commission at the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety as well as the Vice-Chairman of the Protection Commission at the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Special Show for Service Sector

People play a great role in the security sector. Security 2010 provides information about training, and introduces security and guarding possibilities by service providers. Moreover, manufacturers present the complete equipment for employees in the security field. The range on offer extends from working and protective clothes via personal equipment right up to close combat protection. It will also be possible to see special vehicles at Security.

For the first time, the fair will dedicate an independent special show to the service segment. Under the banner ‘Protection, Security and Service’, the area of over 300 square metres in Hall 4 will be the central meeting place for security service providers. The participants will include Bundesverband Deutscher Wach- und Sicherheitsunternehmen (Federal Association of German Guarding and Security Companies) and Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Geld- und Wertdienste (Federal Association of German Money and Asset Services) which will present their services. Security service providers, universities and the media will introduce themselves, and will focus attention on the training and advanced training of the specialists while doing so.

IT Security
Nowadays, companies must also be more and more safeguarded virtually, so IT security is one of the central questions of the people responsible for corporate security. Solutions for information protection and data security facilities will be shown at Security. The IT theme park in Hall 4 at Security will give practical answers to questions from people responsible for IT security, where as already in 2008, exhibitors will present their innovative solutions there.

IT security will also be a central field of the forums in Halls 4 and 1 where experts will, in lectures and demonstrations, provide information on the subjects of security organisation, video, alarm installations as well as IT security. Upon request, visitors will receive the handouts and video recordings of the lectures. Until the next Security, it will be possible to retrieve this data from a separate homepage.

Innovation Award

Traditionally, Security is the showcase for new products and services in the security and fire protection sectors. In the over 30-year history of the international trade fair, outstanding innovations and new products and services have premiered in front of the trade public. Messe Essen honours this innovation potential with the Innovation Award. It was conferred for the first time in 2008 and already met with an outstanding response on the occasion of this premiere. Over 70 companies had applied to be candidates and an eight-strong manufacturer-independent jury of experts examined their entries for innovation content, user benefits, economic viability and reliability.  The prize will be presented within the framework of a gala evening on October 4.

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