Are drones a tool for both sides in the race?

How can we differentiate between tools for the prevention of terrorism and tools for the progression of terrorism?

Dr Paul Gill’s new book Lone Actor Terrorists: A Behavioural Analysis seeks to build upon this strand of research and bring the field closer towards a scientific approach to terrorist behaviour.

Security consultant Paul Easter MBE outlines the difficulties Western powers have faced in attempting to build democratic nations in the Middle East, and calls for strategic thinking

The number of lives lost to terrorist attacks increased by 61 per cent in a single year, according to the second edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI).

Glass is the most structurally weak part of a building when it comes to explosives, and to make matters worse, is often used to intensify the effects of an attack.

How can a seemingly ordinary person turn into a terrorist? Author and professor Roger Griffin 
argues that studying the motivations behind a terrorist could be what’s needed to stop an attack

The Global Terrorism Index, is the first index to systematically rank and compare 158 countries worldwide over a ten-year period to shed light on the impact of terrorism