Eurosatory 2016

Taking place from 13-17 June in Paris, Eurosatory 2016 will help visitors to keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving defence industry, with cutting-edge technologies on display.

Counter Terrorism funding in the EU Budget

As the focus on counter terrorism has progressively centred itself in the global spotlight, the spending on counter terrorism has dramatically increased. Counter Terror Business analyses the latest European Union budget and what it means for counter terrorism spend

Perimeter security - Why PAS 68 is not enough

What does PAS 68 actually mean, and what does it say about the procurement of security solutions? The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association’s Stephen Munden answers these questions

Cargo Security - Staying ahead in a never-ending race

The theft risk to cargo in the supply chain has never been greater and the threat of cargo crime is increasing, says Thorsten Neumann, Chairman of the Transported Asset Protection Association in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region

Securing the UK border at a commercial level

With Britain’s borders a regular feature on national news, James Kelly, of the British Security Industry Association, explores the ways of securing the UK border at a commercial level

Investigatory Powers BillIs everyone a suspect?

Professor Mike Jackson, IT and cyber security expert at Birmingham City University’s Business School, examines the proposed ‘Investigatory Powers Bill’

Terrorism recruitment - fighting crime in the ‘fifth domain’

Paul Stokes reviews the impact of the Counter Terror Bill revealed in the Queen’s speech and explains how data analytics can tackle the online recruitment of foreign fighters

A mechanism for monitoring global terror

New research assesses 1,300 of the world’s commercial hubs and urban centres and reveals that terrorist attacks pose an ‘extreme risk’ to businesses in the capital cities of 12 countries.

Geoff Zeidler, immediate past chair of the British Security Industry Association, who leads the Police and Security (PaS) Initiative, discusses the topic of ‘Safe Cities’

The security profession needs the understanding and support from the public to be effective at what it does, writes the Security Institute’s David Thorp