£1m innovation funding to counter cyber attacks

The Defence and Security Accelerator has announced nearly £1 million in funding to further develop technology that predicts and counters cyber attacks.

Three lead organisations, in collaboration with three additional organisations, have been awarded funding in Phase 2 of the DASA ‘Predictive Cyber Analytics’ competition. This work will develop, adapt and merge the novel approaches explored in Phase 1 of the competition, to proactively defend deployed UK military systems and networks from the rapidly growing threat of offensive cyber action from aggressive adversaries.

Phase 2 seeks to further develop and enhance the predictive approaches while adapting them to the military environment. The work will allow MOD to better anticipate and mitigate the impact of cyber-attacks.

The organisations being funded are: Bristol-based RiskAware Ltd who are awarded around £450,000 in collaboration with the University of Southampton; Vauxhall-based decisionLab who are awarded nearly £240,000 in collaboration with DIEM Analytics and Actica; and Gloucestershire-based Montvieux Limited who are awarded nearly £250,000.

Seven proposals received nearly £1 million in funding during Phase 1 – bringing the total funding to approximately £2 million.

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