Staying ahead of the major risks

Security professionals from around the world will gather at Milipol Paris 2011 to see first hand the latest security products and services that help protect the public from serious threats.
This year Milipol Paris will again offer a wide, diverse range of technological innovations and equipment for personal and property security.
The show covers some 18 business sectors and among the exhibition you will find a complete range of solutions, developments and services enabling States to protect their populations. Milipol Paris 2013 will welcome some 1,000 exhibitors from 50 countries and is expecting 30,000 visitors.

The Major Risk Area
The dedicated Major Risk area, which covers technological, industrial, natural, health and major risks, will again bring together companies from around the globe. They will present their innovative solutions in this constantly‑evolving field which integrates all the activities linked to Major Risks such as prevention, protection, surveillance, detection, identification, analysis and intervention.

Following the success in 2011, the Business Meetings, which helped optimise meetings between exhibitors and purchasers, will again be offered by the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the European Commission. These meetings enable companies to establish an initial, solid contact with companies in their sector from around the world. The contacts have purchaser or seller profiles and will be attending Milipol Paris 2013 as either exhibitors or visitors.

“Thanks to Milipol Paris, State and regional authority security services as well as companies can discover products and services that boast the highest level of technological  innovation and are adapted to suit their needs. The extensive, diverse range of equipment and products exhibited reflects the plethora of trades in the security, antiterrorism, forensic investigation, local public security, civil defence and even road safety sectors,” explains Rémi Thuau, prefect and newly‑appointed President of Milipol trade shows.
In order to help visitors make the most of their time at Milipol Paris, there is a mobile app which gives you access to all the information you need such as the exhibitor list and interactive floor plan.
European Commission research
The European Commission will hold a conference and an exhibition during which it will present the results of decisive security research projects carried out by the European Union. It has specifically chosen the international venue of Milipol Paris 2013 to announce the launch of its ‘Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Challenge’ research.
As the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) is getting to its end, it is now time to launch Horizon 2020 (2014-2020) the new financial instrument aimed at securing Europe’s global competitiveness and tackling societal challenges, including the advancement toward more secure societies.  
Milipol Paris 2013 provides a timely occasion to the European Commission to announce the numerous opportunities to actively contribute to meet the “Secure Societies” challenge by implementing future EU Security Research, which Horizon 2020 will offer to industry, academia and end‑users of security technologies from 2014.
Furthermore, the Commission will use the occasion to present the latest advancements in the implementation of the EU Security Industrial Policy, since the adoption of the “Security Industrial Policy and Action Plan” in July 2012, as well as to reflect on the international dimension of security by highlighting Major Events as concrete opportunities to promote a higher level of citizens’ security within and outside the EU.

International business meetings
As partner of Enterprise Europe Network, the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of commerce and industry invites companies to participate in the international technological and business meetings during the fair.
Milipol Paris 2013 attracts the key decision makers of internal State security from around the world in one place. This matchmaking event is the unique opportunity to meet them and to create the first qualified contact for a successful technological or commercial cooperation.
This event is organised in partnership with other members of the Enterprise Europe Network, which brings together 52 countries from continental Europe and beyond (Israël, US, India, Japan). The support of European advisers will help companies make the most of these partnerships meetings, with buyers and vendors coming as exhibitors or visitors.
Launched by the European Commission, Enterprise Europe Network is the first European network supporting SMEs that aims at promoting innovation and competitiveness. Its free services include partner searches for technology, research and business cooperation, technology audits, advice on European regulations, current FP7 programs and funding opportunities.
Conditions and registrations for the International Business meetings on Milipol Paris 2013 are available on-line through a dedicated online platform. Each participant will be able to request targeted meetings and therefore to create his/her individual meeting schedule.

Ministry of Interior Conference
The French Ministry of the Interior will be holding a conference on innovation and procurement policy for internal security services.  
With 2.8 billion Euros of public spending, the French Ministry of the Interior is the second largest ministerial purchaser. Its spending is divided between routine purchases and procurement. Procurement spending corresponds mainly to work done on modernising technology by the security forces.
Within the ministry, three departments contribute to this policy. In 2013, the CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) implemented an innovative procurement roadmap, charter and guide to ethical conduct. The Internal Security Information Systems and Technology Service (ST (SI)²) is a shared police/gendarmerie service. Since 2006, it has built its innovation network by joining the SMB Pact  and helping define an industrial policy for security. Finally, the SAELSI (Procurement and logistic equipment service for internal security) will be set up at the start of 2014 in order to merge the security force equipment programmes. At Milipol 2013, the Ministry of the Interior will exhibit operational systems and equipment at its stand, illustrating the various facets of the security trades.
The conference on innovation and procurement policies will be an opportunity for the CPO, the ST(SI)² and the future SAELSI to present to companies, intermediate‑sized businesses and SMBs with its innovation and procurement policy which encompasses applied research, logistical support and even public orders. At this conference, you will discover technological trends, the Ministry’s main innovative procurement focuses and the logistical evolution of the internal security forces.

HCFDC talk shows
The French High Committee for Civil Defence (HCFDC) will be organising four interactive talk-shows in the Major Risks area. These talk-shows will be on a live broadcast on Milipol Paris website. Topics up for discussion include mass casualties, looking at the issues and solutions. CBRNE and illicit drugs detection will be addressed, examining what the new technologies are on check points. There will be a session on CBRNE looking at what’s new for first responders. There will also be a talk on biometry trends, research in security, Control-Command-Communication, audio visual and OD and robotics.

ADS coordinates the UK Pavilion
ADS will be coordinating the UK Pavilion at Milipol Paris. ADS is the premier trade organisation advancing the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries. Farnborough International Limited (FIL), which runs the Farnborough International Airshow in the UK, is a wholly-owned subsidiary.
ADS has offices in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France and India with new offices planned in China and the Middle East.

ADS was formed from the merger of the Association of Police and Public Security Suppliers (APPSS), the Defence Manufacturers Association (DMA) and the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) in October 2009. ADS also encompasses the British Aviation Group (BAG).
ADS works with members and gains an understanding that allows ADS to develop and deliver the services that provide real value.

Command and control
Public safety, energy, transportation and security organisations are facing the challenge of managing their operational fleets at the highest level of security, reliability and effectiveness, regardless of the network technology used.
However, meeting this challenge is possible only when a state-of-the-art control center is used which enables these highly-complex operations.
A control center has to provide a vast number of features to make the dispatching process as efficient as possible, give the operator intuitive access to all the necessary information and functionalities and be easy to operate. Communication between the control center and field staff has to be reliable and always guarantee the required level of security.

Siemens at booth 5C103 will be on hand to discuss the issues and demonstrate its command, control and communications solutions.
Imaging and scanners
3DX-RAY, the x-ray inspection specialist, will be showcasing its innovative portable x-ray systems and vehicle screening technology.
FlatScan2 is the world’s first portable x-ray device with 3D Ready imaging capabilities for improved inspection. The 3D imaging capability delivers significant benefits for security services by making an inherently ‘unnatural’ x-ray appear more ‘natural’, enabling the operator to correctly interpret a set of items as either benign or as a threat.
In high pressure IED and EOD scenarios where x-ray images need to be analysed as quickly, reliably and safely as possible FlatSan2’s imaging delivers improved detection rates, reduced time to decision and much easier usability for security operatives.
The SVXi small vehicle x-ray inspection system is a rapid deployment, mobile x-ray system that can be set up and operational in under ten minutes. As a result the SVXi system can increase throughput in a wide range of security applications such as Customs & Excise, public events and conferences and can also be deployed in EOD incidents to scan suspect vehicles. The system can produce a detailed x-ray image of an entire vehicle (up to the size of a transit van) with resolutions below 1mm, increasing the probability of detection and reducing false alarms.

See-through wall detection
ACUSTEK will be exhibiting its See-Through Wall Human Movement  radar which gives fast, tactical information regarding movement, distance, speed and direction behind walls or solid objects in a light ergonomic military specification unit.
Its intuitive operator interface is clear and easy to use requiring minimal operator training.
The latest model has several new remote features including monitoring and control of multiple units from a single Android tablet or smartphone. Subsequently up to 16 units can be monitored and controlled in real time at a remote location via the Command Centre application. Continuous history monitoring means that networked units can be used for long term surveillance monitoring.
The movement detection capability range of the see through wall radar to a human in a 70 degree sector is 3-5m behind a 20cm concrete wall, 10 metres behind an interior wall, 25 metres without any obstacles. Sensitivity of detection can be easily increased or decreased as needed. Movements such as fans are filtered out and not detected, increasing the accuracy of human detection.

Respiratory protection systems
Exhibitors Avon Protection will be showcasing their respiratory protection system technology for military, law enforcement, firefighting, and industrial.
With an unrivalled pedigree in mask design dating back to the 1920s, Avon Protection’s advanced products are wildly used by Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) users worldwide.
Avon Protection’s expanding global client base now includes military forces, law enforcement teams, firefighters, other first responders and industrial, marine, mineral and oil extraction site personnel.
What’s more, Scott Safety will be exhibiting a full suite of innovative products from its respiratory protection, gas detection and personal protection ranges.

Monitoring for increased safety
CRFS will be on-hand to demonstrate its systems for monitoring spectrum-intensive sites or for any critical area, border, perimeter or building. It pioneered the concept of remote, distributed, real-time networks of intelligent sensors (RFeye® Nodes) to provide continuous 24/7 monitoring of the RF environment. The RFeye is designed to continuously scan and monitor for suspicious or unauthorised signals, carry out signal analysis and demodulation, and find the source of target transmitters using advanced geolocation techniques.
CRFS also manufactures a range of high-performance RFeye Nexus receivers for stand-alone use in SIGINT applications or integration into EW and other sensor arrays.
CRFS is a UK company, with a US subsidiary in California. It serves international customers in many sectors, including military and intelligence, police and homeland security, public safety and spectrum agencies.
DMS Group will be showcasing its Scorpion personal protection equipment such as shields and limb protectors, which have been ergonomically designed to allow for maximum coverage without impeding movement.
CRD Protection will be displaying its unique TACRION fences, arguably the most mobile and lightweight high-performance fence in the world today. TACRION consists of a specially manufactured net that has a high force absorption which can quickly and easily be mounted between two fixed points to create an effective barrier. It’s an extremely flexible and compact product that can be used both as a defensive and offensive tool to achieve safe and effective crowd control.
The company also makes extremely compact and versatile barriers to guide crowds and people.
Seven Technologies will also be displaying its tactical cyber systems, audio surveillance, tagging and tracking devices and electro optics.

Milipol history
From 1970 to 2013, international economies and security have been evolving very rapidly. The creation of Milipol replied to a growing demand for information and matchmaking in the field of internal security, before developing into the areas of civil defence and major risks.
At the end of the ‘70s, various French manufacturers supplying police equipment were worried that they had limited commercial contacts at an international level. Contrary to the Aeronautics and Defence sectors, the Interior Security sector did not have a promotion and communications platform that matched its importance in France. As a result, the idea of organising a specific international exhibition took hold. EXPOL (EXposition POLice), the first private initiative, showed the way.

In 1984, the International Milipol Committee came into existence as an association whose goal was the promotion of security technology and equipment.
That same year, the first international Milipol Show was organised in Paris as the principal information and public-relations tool, open widely to professionals in the field of security, including manufacturers, end-users, buyers and exhibitors of all nationalities. The quasi-confidential field of police, civil and military security equipment, virtually unknown to the general public until that time, was thus brought to light.

From State security to civil protection
While the subsiding cold war still held centre stage, security services were already at work in the wings, fighting against such growing menaces as criminality, drugs, organised crime, terrorism, industrial and economic espionage. They expressed their latest requirements and needs for equipment, while investigating all the technologies available.
The Milipol Show evolved within this climate of expectation and demand. It broadened out to include the field of security which encompasses private and public communities, that of industry and business, the protection of populations, and internal State security.
Held annually during the ‘80s, the Milipol Paris Show found its current rhythm as of 1991, the year in which the biennial scheduling was adopted. In 1995, it acquired new dimensions of considerable importance.
As it was now held under the patronage of the French Ministry of the Interior, the Milipol Paris Show became an official event, along the same lines as the international Eurosatory exhibitions for land armament, Euronaval for naval equipment and the Paris-Le Bourget Aeronautics-Aerospace Exhibition.

Today, the international Milipol Trade Show is recognised for as a result of its professionalism and the quality of its exhibitors and visitors attending from around the world, all from the various security sectors.

Cartes trade show
This year, Milipol Paris will be held in conjunction with the Cartes trade show, the leading international event for secure payment, identification and mobility solutions. This means that visitors to Milipol Paris also receive access to Cartes.
With nearly 450 exhibitors and 140 conferences headed by international specialists, the event attracts some 20,000 visitors keen to discover the latest trends and products in the sector, including mobile payment, NFC, biometry and M2M.
The Identification sector presents the latest innovations in secure identity papers and authentication solutions, all with strong potential in terms of application.
Cartes will allow visitors to meet key players in the sector, including ArjoWiggins Security, Bundesdruckerei, Dermalog Identification System, Hologram Industries, JDSU, Legic, Nagra ID, Natural Security, Trüb and Vasco Data Security.

You can also meet leaders in digital security like Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, HID, Oberthur and Morpho.
A day of conferences is being dedicated to identification and security issues, such as digital identity management, authentication technologies and biometry.
Every year, the Sesame Awards acclaim the 10 best technological innovations in the sectors of smart cards, digital security, identification, secure transactions and contactless technology.

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