Securing the world’s passenger and supply chain networks

Transport Security is the only event globally to bring together the full spectrum of key stakeholders and industry leaders from the areas of aviation, maritime and the supply chain under one roof, creating three events in one.

The event features an exhibition, conferences, workshops and networking receptions to bring together all aspects of the industries it serves to review the latest information on current and future threats, debate best practice, gauge industry opinion and review the latest technologies.

Transport Security moves to London for 2010 and will take place in the world-renowned Olympia Conference and Exhibition centre 14-15 September. The shift in venue comes two years ahead of the capital playing host to the 2012 Olympic Games and at a time when organisers are shifting into top gear to ensure the safety and security of the Games.

“The move has been planned to coincide with the build up to the 2012 Olympic Games and is designed such that those tasked with ensuring these Games are both safe and secure, have access to the brightest minds and are able to assess the latest security technology as they make final preparations for this global event,” comments Peter Jones, managing director, Transport Security Expo.

With the city expecting to play host to almost 10 million spectators for the Olympic Game and the Paralympic Games, the organisers are aiming at the goal of this mass of humanity arriving and departing venues either by public transport, bicycle or on foot. The imperative for planners is therefore to ensure the best and most effective security solutions are deployed network wide.

The event brings regulatory bodies together with industry professionals and leading thinkers and featured two two-day high level conferences focused upon aviation, maritime and supply chain security, multiple specialist workshops and an extensive exhibition of the latest equipment from vendors in the transportation security market space.

Aviation security
Delegates attending the Transport Security Expo aviation security conference will discover the implications of these two events on an industry caught between the rock and a hard place of delivering meaningful and effective security in the continually challenging economic environment it finds itself in. Both revision and introduction of new European Union (EU) regulation (particularly in respect to Liquid, Aerosol & Gel detection) will also impact heavily on airports in the coming couple of years, thus financing of new security initiatives will also feature. Meanwhile, the industry continues to debate the pressing need to improve the customer experience while meeting the statutory requirement to ensure appropriate security controls.

Maritime conference

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Shipping Centre (NSC) offers maritime world delegates attending Transport Security Expo & Conference 2010, the opportunity to take part in a unique tactical floor exercise, which will follow a vessel’s voyage from departure in Rotterdam to the attack point in the Gulf of Aden, through its capture and on to its eventual release.

This highly specialised full-day exercise offers much in the way of both mission critical and real world advice designed to aid in the safe passage of shipping through such pirate infested waters.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) conference will complement the tactical floor exercise with its clear focus on an examination of both current and future international policy and regulations in respect of maritime security and how this impinges on the shipping industry.

Supply chain
With EC regulation 300/2008 having just become law and much debate consequently still raging between regulators and within the industry over how best to achieve compliance, the key issues will be outlined and discussed in detail at the forthcoming Transport Security Expo & Conference. The event is expected to bring focus to the fundamental issues the regulation raises, help in identifying who within the extended supply chain has responsibility for what and attempt to answer the vexed at what cost question.

Principal speakers from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Association of European Airlines (AEA), Swissport, CEVA Logistics, Cargolux and DHL amongst others, will be on hand to share knowledge and invite in-depth discussion on achieving a 100 percent cargo screening regime within a one-stop security environment.

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