DMS Technologies

DMS technologies, an ISO9001:2008 accredited company, has a long experience of developing battery-based portable power solutions across a broad range of market sectors, notably where wide operating parameters are required. Our expertise encompasses all battery technologies including NiMH, Lithium, NiCd and sealed lead acid.

We have designed and manufactured a range of Red Flash™ Remote Portable Power Units. These have been designed for operating in the field in remote and rugged environments, particularly suitable for tactical units who require silent, odourless power for ancillary equipment, and are available in 600W AC or 44Ah DC outputs.

The packs incorporate connectors permitting re-charge from either vehicles or mains voltage. They can also be linked for added run-time/capacity. Rugged cases enable the units to withstand high impacts and extreme environments.

Another aspect of our business encompasses engine start for 12v and 24V vehicles, aircraft and generators. These rugged powerpacks, available with a range of suitable connectors, are in service with military customers, emergency services and roadside assistance organisations as well as commercial fleet operators.

In addition to our built packs, we are able to supply high performance batteries for applications including specialist vehicles, marine, telecommunications and rail infrastructure.