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Founded in 2001, Excelerate Technology has rapidly become the UK market leading developer, supplier and maintainer of specialised satellite and wireless-based broadband solutions that improve incident management and enable emergency services and government agencies to achieve interoperability and share information to meet their responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act.

Excelerate Technology Excelerate Technology pioneered the application of high-speed broadband solutions using automatically deployable satellite platforms fitted to mobile command and incident response units used by the UK’s emergency services, and is now the acknowledged expert in this field with more installations than all of its competitors put together. Excelerate was also the first UK-based company to design and install fully converged private GSM solutions that enable incident response vehicles to carry their own GSM network, providing full cellphone capabilities in situations where either none exist or they are unavailable. It is also significant that every stage of delivery, support and management is handled without subcontracting.

Many of the UK’s largest and most advanced mobile command and control vehicles have been equipped by Excelerate. Some of the most comprehensively equipped vehicles have been supplied to organisations such as Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust and Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Excelerate also equips smaller, rapid response vehicles and has completed a fleet of incident command and control vehicles for the Garda in Dublin and a mobile incident unit for Kent Fire and Rescue Services. Other contracts awarded include Nottinghamshire Police, Fife Fire and Rescue Service, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Wiltshire Fire and Rescue, West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust and South West Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Excelerate Technology operates and manages its own satellite and private GSM network, holds all VSAT Network Licenses required by Ofcom and ensures that every customer is equipped with the appropriate equipment operating over approved frequencies. This enables users to simply turn up, switch on and get down to business without the intervention of Ofcom. It is important to note that Excelerate Technology delivers high quality bandwidth, which can be tailored in real time to suit specific client needs, budgets and service level requirements – something that other suppliers often promise but are ultimately unable to deliver. The company also holds ISO9001 accreditation.

Whilst there are other suppliers that may claim to compete on the same level as Excelerate, we challenge you to look a little deeper – they just cannot match our levels of experience, technology expertise and track record of successful implementations. This view was endorsed at the highest level when Excelerate Technology was appointed technology supplier nationally for the Department of Health’s HART programme which is delivering a new generation of vehicles equipped to provide high levels of real-time information and resilient communications to enable ambulance service personnel on the ground to make more effective decisions and enhance patient and victim care at major incidents. These vehicles are now being deployed throughout England and are already making important contributions at incidents such as the Birmingham Bullring evacuation in May.

Excelerate Technology is committed to working closely with users to turn ideas into reality in the most cost effective way. It’s R&D and project engineering centre is a centre of excellence where new products and solutions, particularly those delivering interoperability between the blue light services, are developed. This facility also provides the capacity to efficiently handle an increasing number of projects, whether supplying standalone solutions, retrofitting existing vehicles or building bespoke mobile command and control units.

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