Iveco Defence Vehicles

Iveco Defence Vehicles

Multirole vehicle platforms to meet the full spectrum of user requirements
Best known in the commercial field as an international leader in logistic vehicle manufacture, Iveco is one of the principal subsidiaries of the Fiat Group. Iveco Defence Vehicles, the company’s defence and security arm, designs, develops and manufactures a full range of protected, multi-role and logistic vehicles for defence security and counter terror applications, besides marketing the complete commercial product range to defence and security forces worldwide.

Iveco Defence Vehicles – Driven by Innovation
Iveco Defence Vehicles has established an outstanding reputation for the practical application of innovative automotive and protection solutions, drawing heavily on the company’s underpinning expertise in the commercial vehicle sector.

Headquartered in Bolzano in Northern Italy, the company has an extensive research and development organisation, which also benefits from access to Iveco’s corporate engineering resources. The Bolzano facility also houses the marketing, production and aftersales operations, whilst an additional factory in Vittorio Veneto provides a centre of excellence for protection.

The Modular Design Approach
Iveco DV’s range of Multirole Vehicles, and Tactical and Logistic Trucks enables the company to design solutions well suited to the full spectrum of on- and off-road applications, providing the ability to respond rapidly to emerging operational requirements, and representing a well thought through, comprehensive and effective response to the needs of the military and security customer.

Iveco DV’s engineers exploit the modular approach adopted in our commercial range to directly benefit the military user, allowing solutions to be tuned as closely as possible to the identified needs of the user without time-consuming re-engineering. The company recognises that the needs of our security customers change in response to the evolving operational environment, developing doctrine and changing threat, and aims in its designs to anticipate at an early stage how requirements are likely to develop.

This enables the whole product range to be subjected to a continuous development process under which evolving needs are fed back to the engineering department, who in turn develop a steady stream of enhancements in terms of payload, mobility and protection. Where necessary, complete new vehicle families are developed.

The Light Multirole Vehicle
One of Iveco’s most successful vehicle platforms in this area is the Light Multirole Vehicle. Designed from the outset to ensure the survival of its crew against ballistic, mine and IED attack, the 7.5 tonne GVW LMV has outstanding mobility and versatility, providing the ability to respond rapidly and safely to threats. Produced to meet a full military specification, the vehicle has excellent EMC characteristics, enabling it to be fitted with in service ECM equipment. The vehicle’s versatility is further enhanced by the fact that it is fitted with an armour system which is tunable against the threat. Thus, in low risk areas, the vehicle can carry only base level armour, substantially increasing its available payload and improving economy. As the risk increases, additional ballistic and/or counter IED or counter-mine protection can be fitted.

LMV is also available in a long wheel base/short cab version which enables it to be fitted with a number of bodies suitable for such functions as Command and Control and Casualty Evacuation.

The Daily 4 x 4 and the Cameleon System
As a further demonstration of its willingness to develop novel and flexible ways to meet a wide variety of roles, Iveco has worked with the Ovik Group to develop the Cameleon Modular Mission System which is mounted on the Iveco Daily 4 x 4. A wide variety of different body types can be mounted on a single chassis by means of a a lightweight, hydraulic load changer system. The mission modules are rapidly interchangeable, enabling a wide variety of roles to be met by a relatively small fleet of dedicated vehicles.

A wide variety of bodies are already available, including command posts, aid posts, checkpoints, water bowsers, fuel tanks. Because the modules are so simple to change and dismount, it is quick and straightforward to establish anything from a casualty station to a command and control complex, or from a NBC decontamination facility to a custody holding point. Modules are of particular use when, for example, they are deployed at scenes of crimes, when they can provide mobile forensic laboratory facilities.

Iveco – Designed to Meet the Requirement
The reliability and adaptability of Iveco’s vehicle designs, matched by our engineering innovation and our willingness to work with specialist industry partners ensure that the company is able to provide an outstanding level of service, designing, delivering and supporting vehicle solutions specifically tailored to the user’s requirements.

For more information
For further details, contact Andrew Bucknall, Area Manager Defence Vehicles, Iveco Ltd, Station Road, Watford, WD17 1SR or e-mail on or via phone on 01923 259 728