Komcept Solutions

Long range surveillance microphone uses digital signal processing - Komcept Solutions Limited is now supplying its Directional Microphone, the DM144. The surveillance microphone comprises an array of 144 high quality miniature microphones matched and processed using a sophisticated digital signal processor and very clever algorithm.

Not only does the microphone provide significant gain in the direction of the target source, it has an adaptive mode which drastically cancels off-axis sounds which would normally interfere with the ability of the microphone to discern the quietest sounds.

The microphone is supplied concealed in a laptop bag, an every-day item which will raise no eyebrows when carried in almost any environment, or attaché case. Control and recording are handled over a Bluetooth link by a PDA making the microphone completely “hands-free”. The direction of the microphone sensitivity is steerable using the PDA which also allows the user to adjust gain and mode, as well as live-listen with earphones.

This is another product in its growing range of surveillance devices for Komcept Solutions who is known for their quality designs of digital recording systems used for telephone interception and interview recording sold under the brand name One Digital.