Whitby & Co

Whitby & Co, knife, multi-tool and outdoor accessory importer and distributor in the UK are proud to be exhibiting in DSEI’s Security and Special Forces Zone for the first time.

Taking pride of place in Whitby’s display will be Leatherman Multi-Tools, the tool of choice for Military and Law Enforcement Professionals all over the world. In the years since the development of the first and original ‘PST’ in 1983 Leatherman have become a watchword for engineering quality and innovation.

This year sees the launch of Leatherman’s ‘OHT’ (One Hand Tool). OHT is a world first in that it is the only multi-tool specifically designed to be capable of operation entirely one handed, something more and more multi-tool users are demanding. The ‘OHT’ lines up alongside the ‘MUT’ (Military Utility Tool) and the ‘MUT EOD’ which are hardcore tools for use and abuse by troops at the sharp end of combat, as well as the lifesaving ‘Z-Rex’ tool and the combat/EMT tool, the ‘Raptor’– all products that are designed and engineered to perform in the most testing of situations, in all environments.

Established in 1961 Whitby & Co has developed to a point where it is now an accomplished full service distributor supplying markets as diverse as camping, DIY, Outdoor, Industrial, Gift, Safety-Rescue and Military & Law Enforcement, with new and innovative brand selections which continue to grow in every passing year. Whatever market Whitby & Co services, the company remains true to its founder Major Aubrey Whitby’s core business values of Quality, Value and Service.

Many of Whitby’s brands segment their product ranges into civilian and military models. 2013 sees the launch of a host of new military specific products, just in time to be showcased at DSEI in London. Geigerrig’s pressurised hydration is one such brand and product range…

Buoyed by their successes in the civilian market, Geigerrig have designed a new military / law enforcement specific range of packs that all incorporate the innovative and award winning Geigerrig Pressurised Hydration Engine, the game changer in personal hydration on the move. Very simply, the hydration engine replaces the current ‘suck system’ of hydration bladders with a pressurised system that gives the user the following benefits; ability to take on higher levels of hydration during high exertion activities, enables the user to hygienically share the water supply with a friend, colleague or K9 search dog, ability to irrigate wounds on scene with pressurised, fresh water and enables the user to use field sourced water without the need for additional sterilisation if using the optional in-line filter or virus grade filter. When coupled with a new range of military specific packs such as ‘Tactical Rigger’ or ‘Tactical Guardian’ the immediate improvements and benefits to field based personnel are easy to see.

Further enhancing Whitby’s military product line-up are Inova Flashlight’s Tactical ‘T Series’ hand held LED flashlights. Incorporating CQB strobe mode and premium quality solid aluminium billet construction, the ‘T Series’ are worthy of further examination by those who need reliable, high output lighting in critical situations. Also having their debut this year are Steripen’s Tactical range of water purifiers using UV rays to purify water without the need for chemicals, allowing personnel in the field to safely utilise stagnant and stream water sources without illness.

Buck Knives range of CSAR and Combat Knives will also be shown for the first time in the UK at DSEI. Buck are a premium quality US knife manufacturer who have been supplying knives to the military and civilian market since 1961. At the show, Whitby’s will be displaying new models like the ‘Vantage Force Pro’ and the ‘TOPS/Buck CSAR Responder’

Nite Ize’s storage and load lashing solutions will be on display with innovative products like the ‘S-Biner’ and ‘Knot Bone Bungee - Safe and Adjustable Bungee’, also the ‘Gear Tie’ range and the ‘Cam Jam’ paracord tightening system.

Like Leatherman and Geigerrig, Princeton Tec has a history that begins in the civilian use of their products, in Princeton’s case in the scuba market, and then the outdoor recreational market. From here a natural jump has been made to Industrial, USAR and Military & Law Enforcement. Princeton Tec’s Military Helmet Light Range is headed up by the ‘Charge Pro’ which despite it’s powerful 55 Lumens weighs in at only 47 grams and has a burn time of 22 hours.